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Don’t cut RevOps...invest in it

A Talk by Tyler Simons and Dharmesh Singh

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About this Talk

We’re all being asked to do more with less. Unfortunately, less often means that RevOps headcount and tools get cut because they are not seen as strategic to the business.  

So how can you actually do more with less and keep RevOps intact? You need to make a bulletproof case to the executive team for continued RevOps investment. In this session we’ll discuss the business case for RevOps, including how to articulate the strategic importance of RevOps for:

  • Maximizing Sales productivity and driving higher revenue per rep;
  • Improving growth through retention and expansion; and
  • Driving efficiencies through tech stack consolidation.

About The Speakers

Tyler Simons

Tyler Simons

Head of Customer Success, Fullcast

Dharmesh Singh

Dharmesh Singh

Founder and CEO, Fullcast